Tiny street pup wags her tail at passers-by trying to find a forever home


Lek is a wonderful and smart small guy who lives with her family in Sri Lanka.She enjoys the fact that Tushara, her real father, ensures that she is content, healthy, and balanced.However, her life has not always been like this.

Lek was living on Nuwela Eliua’s streets a few years ago.The dog never knew for sure where her next meal would come from.Still, Lek was smart and kind despite all of her hard work.She was determined to locate her true family.

A group of elite saviors was in Sri Lanka’s Nuwela Eliua a few years ago when they saw a puppy roaming.

The group wanted to conduct research one elephants in SriLanka and raise funds for the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand.Abused or otherwise in needy elk can find sanctuary at Elephant Nature Park.

The refuge puts in a lot of effort to heal and save as many elk as possible. However, this time it wasn’t an elephant that needed to be served.

As the group was going down the street, they came across a small stray dog who was eager to wag her tail.attempting to stand out from everyone passing by.

The grouse couldn’t help but stroke and rub the roaming’s tiny tail because it was wagging so hard. She didn’t seem to be understood by anyone else.

The group was still in a rush, so they gave the little guy another rodent and began to leave.However, the wandering would not permit them to abandon her.

She began adhering to the rules of Elephant Nature Park, and when they realized she wasn’t ready to stay, they put their lives in danger and returned her to where they had found her.

However, as soon as they resumed walking, the pup resumed following them.The man returned the eager canine several times before realizing he couldn’t leave her alone on the street.

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