Weeping and covered in worms, a 5-week-old pup found dumped in a plastic bag was rescued


According to valuablestories, employees at « Doggie Rescue Coolronan » discover Bobby, a forlorn and malnourished 5-week-old pup.

He was dumped to rot in the bushes after being wrapped in a plastic shopping bag and coated with worms.

He was famished, choking, and wails for his mom filled the air.

When he was first brought to the veterinarian, his prognosis for surviving was uncertain.

He  was in severe need of his mom nursing him due to his frail rear legs.

Bobby’s condition pierced the soul of Chris, the rescue’s manager. In order to give him a decent chance of surviving, he made the decision to personally supervise his care.

His  health significantly improved after a week. He has an insatiable appetite and doesn’t appear much leaner.

He develops a particular relationship with every person he meets, according to the shelter!

In a short amount of time, he had over 600 requests for adoption thanks to how adorable he was.

Chris, who has developed an unbreakable attachment with the beautiful youngster, has informed that he will be adopting him himself.

His dumping tale, he thinks, will contribute to a greater understanding of animal abuse.

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