When a man examined a package that had fallen from an airplane fifty years ago, he realized that he was extraordinarily wealthy


A mountain climber who enjoyed doing so wanted to visit Mont Blanc in order to conquer another summit.

He discovered something special here, at a height of over 5,000 meters.

He discovered a box with a gold mine of pricey stones within.

He started looking into the local history once he had touched down and learned that the box containing the rocks had dropped out of an airplane fifty years previously.

The man concluded from the records that an Indian Airlines jet had previously vanished from the region.

The climber revealed himself to be a kind man, and instead of keeping his find to himself, he informed the authorities.

They used every attempt to track out the true owners of the wealth, but their attempts were ineffective.

As a consequence, some of the wealth was donated to the city’s treasury, while some of it was handed to the finder.

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