When he sees his new mini-me, this Gecko can’t stop smiling


Here at Just Something, we’ve told a lot of tales about animals and pets.

We won’t stop just soon, particularly because we have adorable postings like this one to offer.

This one is about Kohaku, a gecko. He is not your typical gecko, as evidenced by the fact that he appears to be the happiest gecko ever.

What brings him joy, you ask? That is undoubtedly his pet gecko, with whom he enjoys spending time.

You’ll never guess how lovely they look together, odd as it may sound.

Check out the pictures below to see Kohaku’s adorable and contagious smile as he unites with his little brother.

Additionally, don’t forget to visit his Insta profile if you want to learn more about him.

Meet Kohaku, the world’s sweetest gecko. His pet gecko is what makes him happy.

Together, they dominated the internet. We appreciate @taylorndean for posting this tweet.

Without a question, these two are the closest of friends.

They appear to like taking photographs together, just like all other BFFs out there.

They’re also experts at the photobombing game. In addition to that, they like snuggling.

They just cannot be separated. Nobody would dare to object, we wager.

They will almost always make you grin. Simply observe Kohaku’s wink.

With the smile of this Kohaku, have a wonderful day. Share this incredble story with your loved ones to make their day.