When she was dumped at the shelter, the dog started to cry


When dogs are raised in a family and eventually the family chooses to send them away, it is quite sad and disheartening for the animals.

When his owners abandoned Jack at a Californian sanctuary, this was the situation.

The two-year-old canine was heartbroken and filled with sadness.

The family found it extremely difficult to send the doggie away as well, but this time they appeared to be without any other choices.

Poor baby was truly davastated and did not want to leave his home.

The puppy would be in very great and safe hands in the rescue, they reasoned.

The dog appeared quite dejected when they arrived to the rescue, though.

As though it were his final day at work, she drew nearer to the proprietors.

Nobody ever managed to decipher what was happening within the pet’s heart.

She had no choice but to join the other canines at the sanctuary, regardless of her sentiments, and depart.

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