Woman repressed sobs as she extended a hand to a dog covered in waste and mud


A little pup sheltering under a bench all by itself was reported to DAR Animal Rescue.

People had seen her and uploaded her images on Facebook while pleading for assistance.

Strangely, nobody really went to pick her up and provide assistance. She was so little and drenched in muck.

That she was simply left there in that condition was unexpected.

To assist the helpless dog, a DAR rescuer went over there. Why the infant had been just allowed to suffer was beyond her comprehension.

She was shocked when she came and saw the helpless young child sobbing. This puppy was critically ill.

She would not have had a long life. She was placed in the car after being covered in a blanket by the savior.

Time to get her to the veterinarian. The veterinarian removed ticks that had sucked her blood while she was lying on the examination table.

They were in great numbers. Her eyes were affected as well. Poor infant!

She was too feeble to stand up on her own, despite the vet’s best efforts. It was difficult.

She was not only underweight but also anemic from parasite blood loss.

The little puppy is then given food and water. She is overjoyed! When did she last have a meal? Nobody is certain.

Despite the infant’s terrible health, they are working nonstop to provide for her care.

Nobody can foretell the future, but she now has a lot brighter future than she did before since she is secure and well-cared for.

Please remember this newborn girl in all of your prayers, as we ask.

She merits a chance to succeed. Don’t hesitate to assist local charities and sanctuaries as much as you can, too!

Together, we can truly change the world!