Wonderful doggo just wants to be patted so owner puts up a sign and films the result


Dogs, known as « human’s best buddy, » enjoy making new fellows.

Additionally, in spite of the fact that the majority of humans easily fall in love with the pups in their neighborhood, some breeds may not be able to experience the same level of devotion and appreciation.

It’s possible that neighbors won’t be particularly fond of Rottweilers, staffies, or pit bulls.Because of a prejudiced and unjustified narrative that these pups are ferocious and violent, they have been treated unfairly over the years.

A staffie handler took matters into her own hands in Queensland.Tubs was standing on their fence.Tubs, a blue Stafford shire bull terrier, enjoys socializing with others.

In most cases, the dog would lean against the fence and eagerly observe passersby. In the videos that her owners shared, you can see how excited she is.Tub’s tail wags and swipes more quickly than a stormy windshield wiper.

Tubs’s handler ensures that she encounters new humans because she is so excited to do so.A sign with the words « Tubs is friendly » written in vibrant letters can be found right next to their gate.She enjoys being gently patted.

Additionally, her owners are aware that anyone would want to pet her because she is so sweet and adorable.
Tubs met a variety of people in a series of videos they uploaded to TikTok.

To begin, a young man on a bicycle stopped by to show the staffie some well-deserved affection.Additionally, a pair of men walked by Tubs without first giving him some attention.

The bike-riding boy who had previously visited Tubs brought his friends along as well.It just goes to show that even dogs of well-known breeds can be wonderful friends.

People are much more willing to give staffies a shot because of the sign.

“Damn, if I happen to pass Tubs, I would be hanging around for a long time.

Too healthy!”The emoji of a heart, eyes, and hug was used by one commenter to conclude their statement.

Another said, echoing the sentiments of other viewers who said they won’t just pat Tubs, « I would literally start living in front of your fence just to pet her all day. » Tubs was given a pat.

Another person commented, « Not literally about to book a flight to Australia just to walk by the fence and pat Tubs. »

Since then, Tubs has become an advocate for the breed.She has more than 55,000 Fb followers, 86,000 IG followers, and a staggering 800,000 TT followers.

Tubs should help humans think that they are not as violent as they think they are thanks to her positive videos and presence on social media.From a longline of bulldogs comes the Staffordshire bull terrier.

People were under the impression that these dogs were temperamental, irascible, and dangerous due to their breeding for pit fighting.

However, responsible breeders and devoted pet parents can produce sweet and affectionate Stafford shires.They are regarded as excellent « doggie nannies » due to their emphasis on family.

They should be socialized with other dogs from a young age to help this breed adjust.